Civic Virtue

In America, we believe in civic virtue. We don’t tolerate corruption in our public officials, and when they exploit their positions for their own personal gain, we throw them out of office.

Habitual dishonesty, self-dealing, and other forms of immorality are incompatible with the high calling of a public servant in the American system of government. In many countries, the people have become numb to such abuses, but the majority of Americans still retain the ability to be outraged by corrupt politicians.

Although increasing numbers of Americans put partisan loyalty ahead of civic virtue, our nation has not yet succumbed to a purely cynical, tribalistic political system. The high moral standards of Americans for their elected officials have kept our country strong throughout its history and prevented demagogues from overthrowing our freedom, democracy, and equal justice under the law.

Here in America, we don’t give up our values easily. That’s why we’ve been an inspiring example to the rest of the world.

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