In America, we believe in democracy. We don’t have dictators, military coups, or rule by a privileged class of people, but instead we give every adult citizen the right to vote for the government that serves them.

Here in America — unlike most countries in the world — we reject authoritarian political philosophies such as fascism, communism, or single-party control of the government. We regularly hold free and fair elections between competing candidates for office.

When one’s preferred candidate loses an election, in America, we don’t refuse to accept the results. We don’t call for violence to overthrow our democratically elected leaders. If anyone does, they are placing themselves outside the great American tradition of representative democracy.

Under the U.S. Constitution, we accept the principle of majority rule, but also protection of the rights and freedoms of the minority. There will always be differences of opinion about specific issues. Through our electoral system, we make decisions together about the laws that govern our society.

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