In America, we believe in equality. This means that every American citizen has the same rights and freedoms to pursue happiness. It does not mean that the government discriminates against anyone to try to produce equal outcomes.

Historically, the United States denied equality to some types of people such as women and African Americans. Black people in the South were enslaved until the Civil War, and endured segregation and legal discrimination until the civil rights movement of the mid 1900s. Women did not gain the right to vote in most states until 1920.

Americans should continue striving to overcome racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice in our lives, communities, and institutions. We should insist that our government learn from the mistakes of the past and treat everyone equally, not giving special treatment to any group.

In many countries, different ethnic groups forever battle for supremacy. Here in America, we can embrace diversity and equal opportunity without letting identity politics destroy our shared American identity.

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