In America, we believe in freedom. We are not a nation of conformists, but of proudly diverse individuals and communities.

  • Americans belong to hundreds of different religious denominations — or none at all — according to their own freedom of choice.
  • Americans express their opinions freely — even if their fellow citizens are offended — without censorship by the government.
  • Americans are free to protect themselves and their families through the responsible ownership of firearms.

Here in America, we enjoy a prosperous free market economy, producing countless goods and services that each of us can choose whether or not to buy, according to our needs, desires, and values.

Perhaps most importantly, American freedom is not only for the individual, but also for groups of people living together. Cities and states can make laws that are suitable for their preferred way of life — and people who don’t like the laws where they live can move to a different place within our vast and diverse American republic.

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