The Rule of Law

In America, we believe in the rule of law. Laws aren’t merely suggestions, and they aren’t meant to be obeyed only by ordinary people but not the wealthy and powerful. The law must be obeyed by everyone.

Government exists to provide rules and order for society. When the people make laws through their elected representatives, they are deciding the limits of their own freedom. If individuals refuse to respect these collective decisions and insist on their own absolute liberty to do anything they want, they are undermining public order and the common good — and their freedom is rightly taken away by the criminal justice system.

Even the president of the United States is subject to the law, not above it. The same is true for people engaged in public protests — they are not allowed to start riots or excessively disturb the peace when expressing their opinions.

Here in America, everyone must respect and observe the law — and our laws must be just and impartial.

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